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  1. Installing Tempered Glass Doors on your Fireplace

    ... with glass doors but old fireplaces and custom chimney firebox es may not. Implementing this safety feature isn't very difficult. Most products come in standard sizes made to fit any flat firebox opening. Pro Tips , Before you start.  ...

  2. How To Clean A Chimney

    ... yourself with a respirator and goggles, then clean out the firebox of all ash es while removing the grate. Make sure you open ... the brightest flashlight you can find, and lean into the firebox . Shine your light into the smoke chamber / flue while using ...

  3. Chimney Clogs

    ... creosote builds up on the sides of the flue and the firebox system. This blockage can result in flue fires or potentially a ...

  4. Chimney Crown

    ... or holes that allow water to enter the flue or the firebox . Chimney crown repair is made easy with the ...

  5. How do gas fireplaces vent?

    ... vent . Direct vent fireplaces draw fresh air into the firebox from outside. Direct vent systems are the most popular today ...

  6. Anatomy Of A Chimney

    ... which connects the flue and the fireplace. Firebox The firebox is the formal name for the inside of the fireplace. This is where you ...


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